TiCR Innovation Analytics™

Synchrony’s Total Innovation Capital Returns™ (TiCR™) Innovation Analytics platform provides R&D and CVC managers with a robust, data-driven framework for selecting from among the hundreds or thousands of innovation investment options they see each year.

TiCR works by tying together a firm’s strategic priorities, high-potential ‘gapportunities™’, internal R&D capabilities, and the relevant external innovation ecosystem activity into a simple set of metrics applicable to all innovation opportunities regardless of where they sit across the range of a firm’s technology or market domains.

Based on Synchrony’s patent-pending Innovation Capital™ system of quantifying the value of pre-commercial innovation, TiCR provides corporate venture capital, R&D and strategic planning professionals with an elegant system to help both target the search for innovation opportunities, and guide innovation investment decisions.

Why TiCR Innovation Analytics

Large multinational firms typically operate in multiple markets and leverage a wide variety of technologies to support their products and services. Each of these markets and technology areas has its own unique set of key performance indicators (KPIs) – the metrics which drive investment decision-making. This makes the process of choosing between wildly different innovation options extremely complex, to say the least.

In recent years, most of the energy in managing this complexity has been focused in two areas: (1) gathering and reviewing various innovation options, and (2) managing innovation projects once investment decisions have been made. Today innovation managers can purchase sophisticated platforms for gathering opportunities, engaging internal stakeholders in reviewing them to provide feedback, and generally streamlining the process of managing the unstructured data – summaries, technical documents, PowerPoint pitch decks – generated in the review and assessment phase. Likewise, once the opportunities have been sorted through and decisions made, innovation managers have a wide range of options for tools to manage execution.

But all of these tools focus primarily on the process of making qualitative comparisons between different projects and then managing their execution. A large hole exists in area of determining which of those hundreds of options offer the biggest bang for the buck. TiCR Innovation Analytics fills that hole.