TiCR™ for Research & Development

TiCR Innovation Analytics™ is the first-ever tool which provides R&D managers with a simple, objective and scalable system to direct their R&D activity to the most strategically relevant enterprise goals – before investing a dollar in execution.

By simply and efficiently establishing each proposed R&D project’s relevance to overall enterprise goals, TiCR not only streamlines the selection and resource-allocation process, it also fundamentally restructures the investment cycle away from the fast-fail models such as stage-gate towards one which is driven by an opportunity’s ability to advance the firm’s most important goals.

The TiCR™ Innovation Analytics platform provides R&D managers with a consistent, objective framework for assessing the value of pre-commercial innovation options.

Using TiCR R&D Managers can:

  • Direct their project selection process to clearly-defined innovation targets
  • Compare disparate technologies / innovations with a single set of measures to determine which ones confer the most strategic value to the enterprise
  • Quantify the R&D program’s contribution to the strategic goals of their corporate parent
  • Provide continually-adjusting empirical feedback describing the ever-changing innovation landscape

Why TiCR for R&D?

  • Quantifying strategic value transforms R&D from a subjective, qualitative practice to a quantitative, scalable, empirically-driven business process
  • Projects are evaluated using a simple, efficient scoring process. This allows the program manager to evaluate a broader range of R&D proposals, and to properly weight influencing factors such as growth rate of a related market space, technology readiness levels, and time-to-market in order to get the biggest bang for buck in their spends.
  • By interfacing with external data, TiCR’s analytic tools can generate meaningful insights about the relationship between external innovation and internal priorities and capabilities. This makes TiCR a powerful analytic tool for gaining strategic insight, evaluating make/buy decisions, and tracking technology trends.
  • TiCR creates an institutional memory of a firm’s innovation opportunities and portfolio. This supports predictive modeling, longitudinal comparison, performance-tracking, and similar portfolio management functions.
  • TiCR’s powerful analytical tools allow the firm’s internal innovation topography to be analyzed to discover gaps, strengths, and partnering assets. This allows innovation investment resources to be directed to the most useful, value-producing areas of the business.