TiCR™ for Corporate Venture Capital

As large firms have become increasingly dependent on partnerships with external technology providers, the practice of investing in entrepreneurial firms as a means of accessing cutting-edge technology has blossomed. Corporate venture capital (CVC) is a complicated, often highly-subjective process, greatly limited in its potential by the lack of a simple way to bring the objectivity, scalability and rigor which informs similar large CapEx decisions made in corporate c-suites.

TiCR Innovation Analytics™ provides CVC managers with an elegant metrics-driven system for targeting, selecting and validating CVC investment opportunities. Using TiCR CVC Managers can:

  • Direct their dealflow generation process to clearly-defined innovation targets
  • Multiply the number of deals they can review, and easily integrate innovation ecosystem market data into their strategic intelligence
  • Quickly and easily quantify the strategic value potential of the thousands of deals that they see every year
  • Compare disparate technologies / innovations side-by-side to determine which ones confer the most strategic value
  • Quantify their contribution to the innovation goals their corporate parent
  • Quickly and easily adjust to shifting strategic priorities and the ever-changing innovation landscape

Why TiCR?

  • The TiCR Innovation Analytics™ platform transforms CVC from a subjective, difficult-to-measure qualitative practice to a quantitative, scalable, empirically-driven business process.
  • TiCR’s framework and reporting is simple and compelling. This provides CVC managers with a powerful tool with which to engage internal stakeholders.
  • Entering candidate investments into the system is simple & efficient. This allows managers analyze many more investments, and allows the program to range more widely across the innovation ecosystem to find truly compelling opportunities.
  • By interfacing with external data, TiCR’s analytic tools can generate meaningful insights about the relationship between external innovation and internal priorities and capabilities. This makes TiCR a powerful analytic tool for gaining strategic insight, evaluating make/buy decisions, and tracking technology trends.
  • TiCR creates an institutional memory of a firm’s innovation opportunities and portfolio. This supports predictive modeling, longitudinal comparison, performance-tracking, and similar portfolio management functions.
  • TiCR’s powerful analytical tools allow the firm’s internal innovation topography to be analyzed to discover gaps, strengths, and partnering assets. This allows innovation investment resources to be directed to the most useful, value-producing areas of the business.