Total Innovation Capital Returns (TiCR) System

Opportunity Assessment wheel The Total Innovation Capital Returns™ (TiCR) system is a comprehensive mechanism for optimizing the performance of strategically-focused corporate venture capital programs.

Built around Synchrony’s proprietary Innovation Capital™ method of quantifying strategic value, the TiCR system enhances clients’ capabilities in all areas of CVC practice – targeting, deal-flow development, internal engagement, partner-selection and, most importantly, setting clear standards for performance and accomplishment.

Synchrony’s Innovation Capital™ (IC) system quantifies strategic value for each client’s specific situation, allowing external investment opportunities to be analyzed objectively against the firm’s market-driven needs. The IC system allows a CVC group to screen the hundreds or thousands of deals it sees annually quickly and efficiently, clearly distinguishing the ones which have potential to create sustainable competitive advantage from those which are merely tangentially relevant.

To implement the TiCR system, Synchrony applies its proprietary tools to first determine the most valuable areas for entrepreneurial innovation within our client’s enterprise, and then to develop dealflow to match those areas. Deals are matched to needs using our proprietary algorithms, separating the wheat from the chaff, and because the deals are scored relative to the client’s innovation ‘Gapportunities’, ones which are passed to internal colleagues are clearly identified as worth their time and effort to review.

Each TiCR implementation must, by its nature, be tailored to the individual client’s situation. If you would like to learn more about TiCR, please get in touch.

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