Program Design

Opportunity Assessment wheel In the Program Design phase we complete the work necessary to formalize and launch the client’s Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) program.

We start by using the Innovation Capital™ system to quantify the strategic value of the 'Gapportunities' identified in earlier work.  This enables us to create a prioritized list of target technology spaces, which in turn forms the basis for a detailed blueprint for the initiative. This blueprint includes:

  • The Gapportunity Index™ associated with the firm’s specific strategic priorities
  • Specific innovation 'spaces' in which to look for competitive advantage-conferring capabilities
  • Options for fund sizes, and the strategic goals associated with each option
  • Deal sourcing & dealflow generation strategy
  • Screening criteria and sROI / fROI thresholds for opportunities
  • Toolkit for partnering with portfolio companies
  • Governance structure and deal approval processes
  • CVC unit operating budget, performance goals & staffing model
  • A launch plan (including both internal and external communications strategy)
  • Reporting and oversight procedures

The goals of the Program Design phase are to:

  • Establish clear, well-understood targets for the program
  • Inspire confidence in critical sponsors and internal clients
  • Create a actionable plan for the CVC group
  • Establish the governance, budgets, success criteria, internal communications channels and feedback loops essential to making the program successful and sustainable

If both parties feel that a long-term partnership to manage the program is worth considering, the process can also include a discussion about a Managed Innovation Capital Program.

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