Opportunity Assessment

Opportunity Assessment wheel The purpose of the Opportunity Assessment is to determine whether a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) program represents a viable and sustainable option for a firm to acquire competitive advantage-conferring capabilities.

Working closely with a small group of internal stakeholders, Synchrony guides the process of identifying the scope and scale of a firm’s potential CVC program – the size of the playing field with respect to relevant technologies and emerging markets.

The Opportunity Assessment produces a concise analysis of the opportunity for the client to benefit by a CVC program, suitable for presentation to C-level executives and the Board of Directors. This analysis includes a go/no-go recommendation, fully supported by relevant data and thoughtful discussion of the most significant elements which the firm should consider in creating a going-forward strategy.

Because the Opportunity Analysis does not assume that the firm will decide to proceed with a program, emphasis is placed on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. If the Opportunity Assessment indicates that a CVC program is viable, deeper analysis takes place in the Strategy Development phase.

Elements of the deliverable are:

  • Characterization and high-level analysis of the early-stage technology market as it applies to the client’s strategic situation
  • Identification of relevant technology areas which would be appropriate for a program
  • A survey of external innovation activity in target spaces to:
    • Determine its scale and scope
    • Characterize potential sources of dealflow
  • Description of relevant technology trends and which are most likely to be driven by external innovation
  • A survey of the innovation ecosystem activities of competitors and other value-chain partipants

Decision-point: go/no-go on developing a corporate venture capital program

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