Because each client situation is different, we have designed our services to be delivered in distinct, differentiated modules. While each can be provided as a standalone service, we have found that there is a natural grouping of services concordant with the client’s lifecycle stage.

Use the tabs below to see which services align with your Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) program’s current lifecycle stage.


For firms which are in the process of considering a CVC program, there are three primary goals: fully understanding impact of a program were it to be undertaken; beginning the process of familiarizing internal stakeholders with the concept; and gauging the firm’s capacity to successfully engage with the innovation ecosystem. Synchrony accomplishes these goals with a set of tools designed to help our client confidently determine whether a CVC program is the appropriate investment of time and resources.

Design & Development

Once critical internal stakeholders have signed-on to the concept of a CVC program, we turn our attention to developing a robust, fully-articulated strategy for entering the CVC marketplace and leveraging the client’s position in its industry and internal resources to optimize its opportunities in the innovation ecosystem. If the Inquiry process defines the playing field for the initiative, the Design & Development phase lays out the playbook for success.

Formation & Launch

Whether the client has embraced a strategy developed in concert with Synchrony, or comes to us with clear sense of direction in mind, Synchrony can utilize its expertise in CVC operations to create a formal blueprint for operating the group. Deliverables include fund size, operating budget, performance goals and timelines. It is at this point that both Synchrony and the client are ready to have a serious discussion about a long-term partnership managing the fund.


It is not uncommon for senior management, in conjunction with an enterprise-wide strategy review, a detrimental performance event, or changing-of-the guard, to request a full, formal review of the CVC program. In these situations, an expert eye can provide the probity necessary to restore confidence and engender commitment to a renewed effort. In these situations, Synchrony uses its ‘Innovation Capital™ tools and processes to provide an independent evaluation of all elements of the program and a compelling set of going-forward recommendations.

Managed Innovation Capital Program

As the base of firms seeking to use CVC as a means of advancing their strategic priorities has broadened in recent years, the discipline itself has professionalized and become more competitive. Concurrently, many firms have recognized that the VC-specific elements of running a CVC fund are uniquely distinct from other corporate management practices. For such clients, Synchrony offers to serve as a long-term partner, providing consistency, best practices, and a checksum to balance the conflicts which can undermine a program’s long-term success.