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Whether a firm has decided that a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) program makes sense by working through the Inquiry Stage with Synchrony’s help, or it comes to us having already committed to a CVC program, the next step is to design a program that fits the firm’s specific needs. Synchrony’s approach is to build the program from the ground up by engaging deeply with technology and business units to assess where, specifically, innovation can help the firm advance its strategic priorities.

In the Design & Development phase, we analyze which of the technology and / or business areas within the firm have the most potential to create value by partnering with entrepreneurial firms. We also develop a much clearer picture of how a program will impact internal resources and operations, which of the firm’s complementary assets will help it succeed in partnering with external innovators, what kinds of strategies will help it compete effectively with other corporate investors which are seeking similar opportunities, where and when to seek to partner with other CVC groups, and where to invest its energies in seeking opportunities & dealflow.

In addition to the tangible deliverables, a Design & Development stage engagement engages technology and business unit participants in the process of building the brief for the CVC unit. This engagement, when coupled with the empirical measures generated during the process, establishes the strategic investment function as a solid, accountable, and clearly-justified activity. This gives credence that it can deliver tangible, clearly-recognized benefits and transforms the program from subjective and qualitative to objective and empirical.

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