Innovation Capital™ Benefits

Synchrony’s proprietary, patent-pending Innovation Capital™ provides Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) managers with an elegant mechanism for:

innovation capital chart

Innovation Capital™ helps find the sweet spot for investing (click chart to enlarge)

  • targeting technology ‘spaces’ for dealflow generation
  • creating a credible set of standards for engagement with outside innovators
  • selecting the best from among a huge variety of disparate opportunities
  • articulating deal logic quantitatively rather than qualitatively
  • tracking their contribution to enterprise goals
  • adapting to a continually changing landscape with longitudinal consistency.

These benefits transform the CVC initiative from a series of loosely-correlated deals, analyzed and described using primarily qualitative information and dogged with subjectivity to a well-balanced portfolio of strategic options, analyzed quantitatively and managed according to consistent measures and clear goals.

In sum, by providing a meaningful set of metrics and consistent practices, Innovation Capital™ de-marginalizes CVC and allows it fulfill its promise as a co-equal contributor to a firm’s development activities.

Synchrony White Paper

whitepaperOur latest White Paper: Innovation Capital™: An Empirical Framework for Screening, Selecting & Measuring Strategic Investments, is now available.

The recent global focus on the importance of innovation has once again placed corporate venture capital (CVC) in the spotlight. With a burst of new programs and the recommitment of long-time players, CVC is certainly back - but with significant differences than in its earlier incarnations.

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